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The Company is currently exploring its 5 hectare Paso Yobai Gold Project. Two major trends of over 5km and over 14km where management has identified six large and highly prospective gold zones. Drilling highlights to date include gold intercepts of 25.5m of 4.09 g/t from surface, 2.13m of 94.6g/t at 34.6m depth, 2.7m of 107.7g/t at 83.3m vertical depth and 7.34m of 37.94g/t at 92.4m down-hole depth.

The company is also currently recommissioning its fully permitted Mine to include vat-leach gold recovery from mineralization extracted in open pit bulk mining activities.



A land-locked country located between Argentina and Brazil, Paraguay has historically focused on agriculture, cattle production and industrial processing of food and timber.  As a result, the mineral wealth of the country has been largely unexplored and untouched.  With a geological structure that has been related to the break-up of the Pangean supercontinent, the mineralization of the country reveals characteristics similar to South Africa and Namibia, two areas rich in mineral wealth.  Mineral deposits indicated in the country include gold, diamonds, rare-earth oxides, uranium, niobium, titanium, iron and bauxite.

Paraguay is an ideal mining jurisdiction boasting a strong centralized government with unified national mining laws, a net mining royalty, and moderate tariffs and income tax.  The Constitution of 1992 established Paraguay as a Republic based on the representative, democratic and participative forms of government.  Recent governments have all expressed a willingness to work with foreign companies to advance Paraguay’s resource sector.

Straddling the Brazilian Shield and the Andean Orogene, Paraguay is divided into two distinct geologic blocks.  While western Paraguay (Chaco) is composed of a basin filled with sediments, eastern Paraguay displays extensive mineral potential. The focus of mineral exploration is on an area consisting of flat lands and gentle rolling hills. The area is mainly rural but has an extensive network of roads with access to both power and water.

More recently, new exploration companies have begun exploration in Paraguay, thanks in part to favorable mining laws and in part to the rich potential of the country’s mineralization. Recent projects include titanium, uranium and gold exploration. 


Paso Yobai

Brief History about the Gold discovery.

The town Paso Yobai is situated in the northern part of the state of Guaira. It has many small-scale Gold Processing Plants.

The Canadian company, "Latin American Minerals, Inc.", bought "Minas Paraguayas" in 2007 and has reached a legal agreement with the government of Paraguay. They believe that Paso Yobai may contain one of the worlds richest gold per ton deposits.

Gold exploration began in Paso Yobái about 21 years ago, but the "gold fever" only really started about 15 years ago.

The gold was discovered by chance in the Torres Cue area by an Ecuadorian citizen who went to Paso Yobái in the 90s because, Blanca Riveros, the love of his life lived there. Blanca's father, Digno Riveros, owned a property in Torres Cue. The Ecuadorian found a gold nugget in a cigarette boxes plastic wrapper. He came to the conclusion that the nugget had its origin some close by, so he started to search for gold in the nearby stream. In 1996, the he discovered gold in and around the stream to the property where he was staying. Nobody knows how much gold he collected before returning to Ecuador, never be seen again. Till today nobody remembers his name.

Location of Paso Yobai in Paraguay

Responsabe Development

Social responsability

For us at Paraguay Mineral Mining, the development of the local community and the economy is fundamental for sustainable mining.

We have some basic rules in the Company

  • Respect for the communities in which we work.

  • Preserve local natural resources, cultural and biological diversity.

  • Apply responsible exploration and mining practices.

We commit ourselves to a transparent and honest dialogue with the people of the community, the government and the institutions. So that we can grow as a company and as a community in a harmonious way.
Paraguay Mineral Mining will provide employment, training and technical expertise to the residents of the communities that host their projects.

Help the community

Paraguay Mineral Mining is committed to collaborate with the community, providing economic help and labor for different areas.


Vaccination campaign for children and adults.

Logistical and maintenance support for buildings of local hospitals and ambulances.



We are committed to contributing to the community by educating Paso Yobai's workforce on mining issues to create a sustainable and successful future between the company and the community.

We include in our contribution:

Guided visits to the project site for high school students.

  • Support for parent committees in rural schools.

  • Assist the schools with supplies, equipment, structures and maintenance.


Paraguay Mineral Mining will make every effort to preserve the harmony in the environment, the company will always work to minimize and restore any changes made to the properties of the project. The activities in this area are the following:

  • Water monitoring of all projects before, during and after work programs, including water recycling in exploratory drilling wells.

  • Only vegetable-based drilling muds are used.

  • Restoration of all exploration sites to leave them in their natural condition.

Community support

We will contribute directly to the community by helping with the following:

  • Donations of cash and labor to local churches, health posts and Schools.

  • Maintenance of roads and bridges.

  • Support in events such as: Children's Day, Youth Day and school graduations.

  • Material support to local police forces.


Board of Directors

Nicolaas Spangenberg

President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Plant designer.

  • Specialist in mineral extraction and recovery with 8 years of experience.

  • Co_founder and CEO for over 15 years of Industrial Maderera Copeland SA , one of the biggest wood flooring manufactures and exporters in Paraguay.


  • Co-founder and COO for 4 year of a import and distribution  company, MAR in Spain.

  • Co-Founder and COO for 3 years of a import and distribution company, in Spain.

  • Co-founder of Mediterranean Wood Agency in Spain.

  • Co-founder of Barrio Cerrado Las Palmeras.

  • Co-founder of Copeland Flooring in USA.

  • 8 years of experience in gold mine management.

Gricelda Arevalos

Chief Financial Officer

  • Manager of exports and in charge of overseas companies and foreign outlets for Industrial Maderera Copeland SA for 11 years.

  • Co-founder and acting Director for over years 5 years of MEHAN SA, a property development company in Paraguay.

Hugo Dominguez

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

  • 3 years of experience in the mining and financial sectors.

  • 2 years of experience with negotiation of Precious Minerals.

Antonio Caballero

Chief Technology Officer

  • 3 years of experience in the Mining Industry in both technical and management roles.

  • Extensive financial and commercial experience spanning over 3 years.

  • Professional experience in multinational business and investment banking.


Julian Gonzales

  • Head of logistics

  • Maintenance of Equipment.

  • 5 years of experience in assembly and maintenance of heavy machinery.


Juan Zorrilla

  • Plant manager.

  • Architect

  • Human Resources.

Juan Villalba

  • Specialist in the extraction and chemical recover of minerals with 9 years of experience.




  • Note that the roads are too steep for dump trucks so the Local Miners made makeshift cranes with buckets to hoist out only the ore that contained a high concentration of gold. The rest of the ore was removed by excavator in a step by step manner. In many cases a very costly 8 to 9 stepping process. All this ore was discarded and dumped on the "Excavated Earth" zone that is marked in green in Figure 09.

  • The Excavated Earth contains 0.8 g/t Au on average with some areas as high as 5.2 g/t Au.

  • The Excavated Earth is lying on top of the Alluvial Mineral Zone.

  • Sampling  showed that  the Alluvial Zone contains 1.1 g/t Au from the surface down to a depth of 2.5 meters. This sampling was done 150 meters and at 350 meters from the Main Vein.  Auger Drilling test to a depth of 6 meters gave 1.7 g/t Au.



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Discovered by a local prospector in 1996, Paso Yobai is an emerging gold camp located in eastern Paraguay. The village of Paso Yobai is approximately 150 kilometers east of capital city, Asuncion.

The APM property covers an total of 83.37 hectares, comprising exploration concessions covering 83.37 hectares. APM own 100% of the exploration concessions which cover 850 meters of the gold trend and is fully permitted for production.

The first exploration concession owners completed an extensive exploration program and has significantly enhanced the value of the property by diamond drilling returning up to 26.6 g/t gold over 6.5 meters and by outlining a possible mineral deposit containing between 61,250 and 157,500 tones averaging between 4 g/t and 7 g/t gold in a Open Pit Mine.  Tunneling to a depth of 150 meter will add 1,322,000 tones averaging between 5.5 g/t to 8.0 g/t.

A Developing Open-Pit Gold Mining Story:

The Paso Yobai property is located in eastern Paraguay approximately 150 kilometers east of Asuncion and is readily accessible by paved highways and gravel secondary county roads. The village of Paso Yobai has a large labor pool and a medical aid station for emergency triage and ambulance service to district hospitals.

Inside the 15,615 hectares of Latin American Minerals Inc. is the 83.37 hectares, marked in blue,  that belongs to the Asociacion de Pepeños Mineros and they have mining concessions and are fully permitted for production.

At Paso Yobai, native gold is strikingly common in numerous quartz-carbonate stringers and veins within a mafic dyke which has intruded the underlying sandstone and has been traced along strike for 8 kilometers by soil geochemistry.






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